Attributes of a good teacher

Kids can be cruel, to each other and to teachers. It's the magnet, which pulls all towards itEverybody wants a smile A teacher touches the heart of a student through the magnetic touch of smile.

Where some teachers were flustered, the good teachers shrugged and went on about the lesson, sometimes even joking about the mess up.

Top 9 Characteristics and Qualities of a Good Teacher

They approach tasks with a sense of challenge rather than routine. I can tell you from experience that it was more the skill of the third teacher than the third time taking the class that allowed me to pass. Students will have questions that can't be answered if the teacher isn't friendly and easy to talk to.

Others were shy and only half committed to their subject. We call them parables. Great teachers also share a love of students. Example is the most powerful teaching tool of all.

Great Teachers are never arrogant. Great Teachers are realistic in their expectations, but also know that expectations are often set too low for most people. Clear Objectives for Lessons A great teacher establishes clear objectives for each lesson and works to meet those specific objectives during each class.

Reprinted with permission of the author and The Integrated Catholic Life. The secret that keeps them going is that great teachers really, really want to be great teachers, and they'll stop at nothing do succeed. They are upbeat and positive, focusing on how a student did well, not how well they taught.

They are comfortable with what they know and eager to learn what they do not. Things will get better no matter how much they appear to suck at that moment.

He allows his children to make choices and live with the consequences. They have studied extensively and read widely about how to teach and methods to facilitate learning. They understood the little things that affected our ability to learn; the weather, the temperature in the classroom, the time of day.

I can tell you from experience that it was more the skill of the third teacher than the third time taking the class that allowed me to pass. Effective Discipline Skills A great teacher has effective discipline skills and can promote positive behaviors and change in the classroom.

A great teacher will do almost anything to help their students.Good Classroom Management Skills A great teacher has good classroom management skills and can ensure good student behavior, effective study Top 10 Qualities of a Great Teacher -. Other measurable attributes such as how well the teachers did on their qualifying examinations, or what level of education a teacher has attained also do not significantly impact.

Qualities of a good teacher Teachers play a central role in the education of students. For promotion of learning teachers have to display a sense of responsibility and must be in possession of qualities of leadership that are essential for motivation of students.

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Teacher

Ten Traits of a Great Teacher THERESA A. THOMAS Weve all had good teachers and bad ones. What makes us scurry quickly from the latter and flock to the former?

I believe it is just a few characteristics or traits that just about anybody can develop. Socrates was one.

Plato too. So. According to, a good teacher is someone who has an engaging personality, good communication skills and a passion for what they do. However there are many different opinions about what qualities make a good teacher.

It often becomes obvious when teachers don’t. Educational studies suggest that the essential qualities of good teachers include the ability to be self-aware of one's biases; to perceive, understand and accept differences in others; to analyze and diagnose student understanding and adapt as required; to negotiate and take risks in their teaching; and to have a strong conceptual understanding of their subject matter.

Attributes of a good teacher
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